Volunteer Spotlight

Richard Spiegel (Dick)

Richard Spiegel began volunteering at the Mission after retirement from Albertson’s in 2006.


"Everyone involved with the Mission is very nice and it’s just an overall great atmosphere. All of the volunteers are great people with wonderful personalities, and after a while it becomes obvious that the people involved at the Mission are one big family. Everything is very organized and structured and the Mission is run very smoothly."


"There is such a need for the services given by the Mission because there are a lot of patients that cannot work due to medical issues and need the services that the Mission offer. We provide a service to a lot of people that you see in the community all the time and need the Mission to increase their livelihood. You walk down the hall in the Mission and there are genuine people all over the building; it’s great to see so many people doing God’s work in the same place and serving others. The organization was started by the Presbyterian church, but it has grown into such a community church project."


College Partner Spotlight

Dr. McAnulty: ACU Psychology

The Presbyterian Medical Care Mission partnered with the ACU Psychology Department in 2012 to extend the services offered to patients in the community. Students in ACU’s Master’s of Psychology program volunteer approximately 20 hours per week to the Mission, and offer psychological consultations and mental health programs to patients. The partnership allows students to consult with doctors and recommend treatment plants for patients, and also offer patient continuity through their journey. Before the alliance, there was no onsite psych care with patient continuity for low-income patients within the community. The Mission offers patients the opportunity to come to one place and receive treatment for a variety of medical, mental, pharmaceutical needs.

"We have found that many people expect mental care from their primary physicians, but many physicians do not have the time or extensive training needed to handle the mental aspect of care because they focus on the physical and medicinal side of medical care. Our face-to-face interaction with patients gives us a much better chance of making a connection with people who may really need the help that our department can offer."

"Our collaboration gives students the opportunity to work with an underserved population. Often times, the underserved receive lesser quality work merely because many settings are overworked and do not have the time to thoroughly serve those in need. The Mission gives students a very respectful and humanized approach to really helping people, and patients at the Mission constantly express to us how glad they are that we are there. Neither major hospital in Abilene has a real mental care facility, and our partnership has helped to fill that void. Many people believe that medication is the only way to get better, and do not realize that there are mental strategies and procedures that can be done to help improve overall lifestyle."

"The other volunteers at the Mission are so diligent and genuinely happy to be there. You would never know they weren’t getting paid, because they are so committed to the patients, and really believe in the values of Mission. It makes the experience so much better and morale is always so high within the Mission. Most of the students who begin volunteering at the Mission continue volunteering there after their scheduled time is over because they really believe they are serving deserving people who depend on the Mission for their well-being. We hope to continue helping the Mission meet the needs of our community by creating even more thorough packages for increasing overall care, and making sure that all citizens within our community have access to a healthy and fulfilling life."