Volunteer Spotlight

Andrea Ford

Began volunteering at the Mission five years ago through First Central church group.


"I have learned a lot through working at the Mission. I like the opportunity to work with those who have fallen through the cracks and the strong goals and beliefs of the Mission. A lot of people are trying really hard to make ends meet with very limited resources, which creates a vacuum that the Mission aims to help solve. Many big cities have a Mission similar to what we do and I am very proud that Abilene has stepped forward and provided a vital service for those in need. Most people come through and genuinely appreciate the services that the Mission offer, and offer their sincere thanks for what we do at the Mission."


Isaiah Hicks: HSU Intern

Isaiah Hicks is a HSU, MBA student, who interned with the Mission for the fall semester of 2014.


"When I think about the Mission, the first word that comes to mind is passion. From my very first meeting with Ms. Burchett, the executive director, it was evident that faith and passion were the driving forces behind the Mission’s continued success. Since then, I have been blessed with opportunities to meet and talk with many of the volunteers and staff, and each person has shared the same love and commitment to the Mission and its patients. I was unaware of just how much the Mission positively impacted the community until I saw for myself what goes on day-in and day-out within the facility. I spoke with volunteers who have been coming to the Mission for over a decade, and staff members who have turned down opportunities for greater pay because they are so bought in to the Mission. The patients are overwhelmingly good people who depend on the Mission for medical and dental care, and are sincerely appreciative of the Mission and the opportunities it gives them and their families. I have learned so much more than I expected from interning at the Mission; I have learned about sacrifice, commitment, and passion, and I will take these things with me long after I leave the Mission. The Mission has been such a blessing to me, and continues to be a wonderful blessing to the community of Abilene."

College Partner Spotlight


Mary Klein - Part Time Pharmacist: Texas Tech
Mary Klein began volunteering at the Mission through the Texas Tech School of Pharmacy in Abilene, which opened in 2007. Since that time, Ms. Klein has become an integral part of the Mission, volunteering pharmaceutical services in the mornings before teaching college courses in the afternoon.


"I typically deal with the more complicated patients: those with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. The physicians are very busy, and often do not have time to sit down and explain medical conditions to high-risk patients. My job is to administer medicine to better control the patient’s conditions. In addition, I give patients an in-depth explanation of their medical conditions that doctors do not always have time to give. I spend a significant amount of time educating patients so that they can make better decisions and control their conditions has much as possible. I still have some of the same patients from 2008, and I really enjoy the patient continuity."


"The Mission is incredibly important. Without us, where would the patients go? They would have nowhere to go and it would put additional strain on community hospitals. The services we provide make the community as a whole better. I would not trade the patients I serve at the Mission for the world. Most of them are just trying to do their best in life, and I am happy to try to make it a little easier for them."